14 Bizarre Restaurants That Seem to Belong to a Parallel World

In our modern world, people fight for a unique concept. 88% of restaurants have a dedicated space in their budget for marketing! And some of them are really successful in an extraordinary way. In this article you’ll find restaurants that attract people not just with their food, but with their exclusive design.

We at Bright Side found some truly amazing and bizarre restaurants that are difficult to forget after visiting them.

Modern Toilet and its unique dishes

The concept of this restaurant in Taiwan is based solely on items from the bathroom. The chairs are actual non-working toilets and dishes are served in plastic miniature toilet bowls. And yes! It is popular!

It’s also famous for its ice cream which is served in a dish that resembles a squat toilet. Although the dishes from Modern Toilet might remind us of something inedible, the quality and taste is said to be amazing.

Sumblimotion in Ibiza and its cosmic experience

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