12 Times We’ve Been Lied To

“Tall tales” have always existed in our lives. And now, with the internet, it has become so much easier to spread them around. Most of them are just innocent jokes, but there are some that may cause you financial problems.

Bright Side made a list of 12 popular myths that were taken seriously by social media users.

11. Viral marketing

You may see some creepy online images and videos that have secret stories behind them. When you find them, it’s extremely hard to realize that it’s all about advertising of some sort.

12 Times We’ve Been Lied To

The legend of this man, who allegedly has been seen by the majority of the population in their dreams, is a great example of viral marketing. In reality, this guy doesn’t exist. The website with the information about him was created for the sole purpose of advertising a horror movie.

10. Fake Instagram accounts

Louise Delage’s Instagram account proves that you don’t even need to exist to become famous. At first glance, you probably won’t notice anything odd in her pictures, except for one thing: she is almost always holding an alcoholic drink.

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