12 Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries

What can be more thrilling than the thought of spending vacations in exotic countries, enjoying the sun, the sea, and the incredible beauty of nature? However, during your trip you may encounter a number of troubles that can turn your dream holiday into a real nightmare.

Bright Side shares with you the 12 most useful tips that can help you stay away from unexpected troubles and make your vacation truly unforgettable.

12. Jellyfish, corals, and bright fish

Lots of dangerous creatures, including some species of fish, jellyfish, and corals, live in the warm waters of tropical countries.

12 Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries

The best way to protect yourself from marine inhabitants is to put on special footwear and avoid touching them even if they look extremely cute. Besides, you need to pay attention to important warning signs, such as a red flag placed on the beach, which means “No Swimming!”

Location: Africa, Asia, Australia

11. Rip currents

A rip current can carry you away from the shore to the open sea in just a few seconds. If you ever get caught in a rip current, don’t try to swim back to the shore and fight against it, since its strength is much greater than that of a person.

12 Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries

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