12 Facts I’ve Learned About Israel After Living There for More Than 6 Months

My name is Anna. I’m a student and I’ve been living in Israel for 7 months now. I discovered the country from a completely different angle when I took part in a masquerade for the first time. I often notice something unexpected and unusual about people from other cultures. I’ll tell you about these things in this article.

Especially for Bright Side, I have collected the strangest, funniest, and the most amazing things about Israel. Some of the observations are just impressions not facts, because I’m not part of their religious culture.

In Israel, both men and women serve in the military and those who don’t have a hard time finding a job.

In Israel every citizen has to serve in the military. At the age of 18, young people join the army. Women have to serve for 24 months and men for 36 months. After that, they can think about their future and start choosing their future profession. I’m 24 years old, but I feel like a child here.


Those who didn’t serve in the military have a really hard time finding a job. Here even those who are religious are required to serve. But now the religious party is trying to make the government pass a law to allow religious people to abstain from serving in the military.

Local people are really good salesmen and love to give discounts.

The Israeli people don’t like it when something goes bad or is thrown away. For this reason, all vegetables cost 2-3 times less on Fridays, especially right before the end of the day.

Also, every Friday in Tel Aviv people throw away things they don’t need. I live in a room with 5 students where half of our electronics and furniture were found on the street. Here, people are okay with this, and oddly it’s considered perfectly normal.

The Israeli people are really good salesmen and love to give discounts. For example, when you’re walking through the streets they’ll offer you 5 chocolates for the price of one. And they’re really surprised when you don’t take them up on their offer.

Holidays and traditions are very important for every citizen.

In Israel, religious holidays and Jewish traditions play a big role in the daily lives of all citizens.This is great. Besides, it means extra days off. I came here 7 months ago, and since then there have been this many holidays:

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