11 Scientific Ways to Slow Down Aging and Increase Your Longevity

Aging is a thing that makes some of us sad. Some people just try not to think about getting old. But scientists have found a method that can help us avoid this unpleasant stage of life. This article is going to tell you if it’s possible to stop or, at least, slow down the process of aging with the help of modern science and technologies.

Bright Side was really impressed by these discoveries and can’t wait to share some of these scientific breakthroughs with you.

11. Lifestyle

We hear about the usefulness of workouts, healthy diets, and the lack of bad habits almost every day. In 2018, it was proven that these facts really could prolong your life by more than 10 years. A studylasting for 34 years has shown that if people quit smoking, keep their body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9, workout 30 minutes each day, reduce the amount of alcohol they consume, and follow a healthy diet, men have a chance to prolong their lives by 12 years, and women — by 14 years.

10. Diet

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