11 Phrases That Can Destroy Even the Happiest Union

Words we say to our loved ones in the heat of the moment or because of fatigue can be dangerous, making life together extremely tense or unbearable. Sometimes they simply lead to a breakup.

Bright Side collected 11 phrases that are better left unsaid because they are disastrous for a relationship. Better to bite your tongue than regret your words.

11. Phrases that devalue your partner’s feelings

When we say phrases like “Oh, what nonsense!“ or ”Don’t be so upset about work!” or “How much longer can you worry about it?” we do not console or reassure our partnerInstead, we devalue their feelings.

Our partner is unlikely to open up to us if we reject their feelings or think them ridiculous. They will feel loneliness and resentment, and this will undermine the relationship. Instead, try to understand what causes your partner’s feelings.

10. Phrases that speak of indifference

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