11 Curious New Gadgets the World Is Not Ready for Yet

Have you ever dreamed of making phone calls by using your hands and nothing more? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have a personal robot at home? Today almost all of our dreams have become true. But are we really ready for these technological innovations?

Bright Side gathered the most fascinating modern gizmos you’ll definitely want to have in your life.

11. SpotMini — for those who can’t afford a real dog

This small 4-legged robot called Spot can walk around, climb up the stairs, and pick up and handle objects. It doesn’t need any special care, and your kids will love it. The perfect substitute for a domestic animal!

10. ORII — a voice-powered smart ring

This wearable gizmo uses the power of bone conduction technology and dual microphones. Now you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to make a phone call or to text — just tap your ear, and do anything you want!

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