10+ Sustainable Inventions That Are Already Helping to Save the Planet and People’s Lives

Trishula is an Indian company that produces edible cutlery made with dough that is made from a mixture of rice, sorghum, and wheat flours. It’s then kneaded with hot water and baked in molds. The products are 100% natural which reduces the effect they have on the environment and improves people’s well-being since the ingredients do not contain chemicals or additives.

11. Dueacca — an eco-friendly tap

Dueacca is a tap system made of 100% recyclable materials in order to decrease the amount of non-recyclable waste. It was created to be used both indoors and outdoors and since it is small in size, it can be placed anywhere it is needed. Each product has a water-saving aerator that limits water flow through the tap, which helps to reduce water usage.

12. BirkSun — a backpack that charges your mobile phone

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