10+ Sustainable Inventions That Are Already Helping to Save the Planet and People’s Lives

According to recent studies, humanity is about to use more resources than the Earth can regenerate and it’s happening because of our consumption culture, craving for single-use items, and assumption that nature will always be there to fulfill humans’ ever-growing needs. The truth is that nowadays we need 1.7 Earths in order to satisfy people’s demands for resources. But we only have one.

Nevertheless there are a great number of forward-thinking people that have come up with some mind-blowing ideas to create a better life for our planet and its inhabitants.

Bright Side presents you with a collection of long-lasting inventions that are changing the way humans and nature coexist. And at the end of the article there is a bonus waiting for you!

1. LifeStraw — a device that filters polluted water and turns it into fresh, drinkable water

Lifestraw is a device that is giving millions of people, who are living in poverty, the ability to drink water without being afraid of getting sick because of bacteria. It consists of hollow, fibrous membranes that have microscopic pores that trap contaminants. It is also a great solution for all the adventure seekers who often end up staying in areas with polluted water.

2. A lamp that grows plants

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