10 Strange Bans in South Korea That Can Surprise an Inexperienced Traveler

Before going to an unfamiliar country, you need to know about its culture. Especially if you are going to Asia where the society still follows certain traditions and has a hierarchical structure. One of these traditional countries is South Korea with its frightening characteristics and unusual taboos.

Bright Side collected the oddities and bans of South Korea so that you won’t spoil your trip to the land of morning freshness.

10. Don’t play with chopsticks.

There are many taboos associated with chopsticks in Korean culture. For example, if you puncture your food with chopsticks (like you would with a fork), then the hospitable host or cook will consider it a personal insult. Holding sticks in the vertical position or sticks stuck vertically in rice are associated with death in South Korea because, at funerals and wakes, smoking sticks stuck in the sand are a must.

9. Don’t show your tattoos.

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