10 Stories of People Who Proved That Nothing Is Impossible

Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra — we know these names from our childhood. But few people know the challenges these people had to face. They succeeded only because of their strong will.

Bright Side presents you with the stories of people who showed the world that the sky’s the limit for those who believe in themselves.

Marlee Matlin

Being deaf since she was one and a half years old, Marlee made her credo a phrase: ’The only thing I can’t do is hear.’ When she was a child, despite the doctors’ advice, her parents sent her to a public school (instead of a specialized one for the deaf), and with the help of special programs Marlee adapted after a while.

10 Stories of People Who Proved That Nothing Is Impossible

It helped her to become the first and only deaf actress to receive an Academy Award. Marlee often says: ’I work every day to help people understand, like my parents taught me, that deaf people not only deserve respect, they deserve to be heard.’

Nick Vujicic

’I don’t need arms and legs; I just need Him.’ This credo helped Nick to become one of the most famous motivational speakers, receive an economics degree, get married, and have two children. Nick Vujicic inherited his strong will from his mother. In one of his books, Nick told how her words set the tone for a lifetime. ’Nicholas,’ she said, ’you need to play with normal children because you are normal. You just have a few bits and pieces missing, that’s all.’