10 Questions Scientists Don’t Have Answers To

Any scientific knowledge is always in a draft stage. But this doesn’t mean we know nothing at all. It means that we are in the process of learning things and some seemingly true theories can be refuted. This is normal because we go back to knowing nothing but instead, we learn something new. We make one more step toward understanding the essence of things better.

For example, flying a plane is the result of studying the principles of aerodynamics. And in the past, people believed this was impossible. Will we ever know everything? Science doesn’t have an answer to this question.

5. Isn’t it obvious?

Something can seem obvious to you when you know about it. But ask yourself if it was obvious before you learned it. This phenomenon is a sort of retrospective prejudice. Here is how it works: at the moment when someone explains something to us, we realize that it is logical and we instinctively feel that it is true. This is why we have the feeling that something is obvious and that it can’t be any different.

6. Do human pheromones exist?

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