10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped

  • The geoid shape of Earth is due to its spinning motion. It’s a bit flattened on the poles and a little bulging at the equator (see a lecture by Prof. Etienne Ghys from ENS de Lyon). If the planet stops, its shape will become more spheric.

7. One hemisphere would become hot as a desert while the other would be cold as Antarctic.

10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped

  • If Earth continued to make just one turn around the sun, only half of it would be heated, rendering it scorching hot and always brightly lit with the highest temperatures at the equator. The second hemisphere would become a kingdom of eternal night and arctic cold. NASA has another version: Earth would stop turning altogether, and there would be a 6-month day followed by a night of the same length.

8. The magnetic field protecting Earth from dangerous cosmic radiation would disappear.

10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped


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