10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped

People have always been fascinated by what would become of Earth and us if something disastrous happened. And that’s probably why Hollywood makes so many movies about the end of the world.

We at Bright Side were interested in the subject as well, and we decided to find out what would happen if Earth suddenly stopped (it’s really slowing down, by the way). We’ve drawn some GIFs to illustrate the consequences.

1. All objects would fly east at high speed under their own momentum.

10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped

  • We don’t notice the huge speed at which Earth is spinning. But if it stopped, says Sten Odenwaldfrom NASA, everything on its surface would be torn off the ground and fly east at speed, eventually falling back down. At the equator, the speed would be the greatest (about 1,000 mph), while closer to the poles it would reach 800 mph.

2. Enormous tidal waves would occur.

10 Incredible Things That Would Happen if Earth Stopped


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