10 Fast Ways to Get Rid of Calluses and Get Baby Soft Feet

Calluses are patches of thick skin caused by friction and they can be a literal pain. They often occur on hands and feet and, while normally harmless, can become infected if not treated. While doctors can treat calluses with specialty shavers, acids, or a pumice stone, there are also home remedies people have used to treat calluses using simple items found around the house.

We at Bright Side are letting you in on some of the various home remedies that people have used over the years to treat their calluses and soften their skin.

1. Crush some aspirin.

Simple drug store aspirin can help clear up your calluses. Crush around 5 or 6 tablets of aspirin and mix the powder with lemon juice and water. Make a paste that can be placed on the callus. Wrap the area with a warm towel and cover with a plastic bag. After around 10 minutes, scrape the callus with a pumice stone. If you are a diabetic or have an allergy to aspirin do not use this method.

2. Use a baking soda paste.

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