10 Facts About Switzerland That Changed Our Opinion About This Country

7. Santa Claus is accompanied by a strange friend

The Swiss Santa Claus’s name is Samichlaus. He visits children on the 6 December with a huge bag of candy, peanut butter, and tangerines. However, he doesn’t show up alone, he comes accompanied by a scary-looking man with a dark face wearing dark clothes.


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What was your highlight of Christmas? For me it was actually in the very beginning of the month when I learned that Santa Claus in German speaking countries has a sinister companion Schmutzli! This was taken at the Jakobshorn peak in Davos on St.Nicholas day – top of the ski resort was definitely not the place where I expected to see either of them! . . #schmutzli #saint #santaclaus #unusualtradition #traveldudes #davos #switzerland #travelforever #travelphotooftheday #travelpictures_world #worldwonder #getaways #worldbestshot_ig #travelandlife #huntgram #worldtravels #earthgallery #getlostclub #passportstories #globalstorybook #letsjustgosomewhere #travelstory #travelingpost #travelingislife #traveltheworldwithme #travelblogging #adventureready #globalshotz #globalnomads #nomadic

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This man’s name is Schmutzli which can be translated as “Muddy” — and his job is to hit naughty children with sticks. But the promises to become better next year help children avoid the punishment.

8. Hotel “Null Stern” is an open air hotel

In the Swiss Alps, twin brothers Frank and Patric Riklin, opened a hotel called “Null Stern” in the open air. A night in a “room” without walls and a ceiling costs $300. The hotel is situated at almost 4 thousand feet above sea level. Except for the double bed, there are bedside tables and even a TV



The coolest part about the hotel rooms is the view of Switzerland right from your bed. Before this, the twin brothers had already created unusual hotels. One of them was in a bomb shelter and the other was in a nuclear bunker.