10 Everyday Things That Should Not Be Picked Up From the Ground

A beautiful ring, a wallet full of money, an old coin, or a pair of wireless Air Pods… We often feel compelled to pick up these finds from the ground. However, in no case should you do that. It’s important to stop and remind yourself that the consequences of your actions might have an effect on your health and well-being.

Bright Side made a useful list of everyday things that you should not pick up from the ground.

1. A wallet, a purse, or an envelope of money

Be careful even if your motives are pure and you plan to give your find to the police. In this case, you might end up getting trapped in an old trick.

10 Everyday Things That Should Not Be Picked Up From the Ground

Once you pick up the lost wallet, a “witness” might appear demanding half of the money you’ve just found, and then the owner of the wallet might show up and accuse you of theft. That’s why, if you feel that you’re being watched or followed by a suspicious individual, avoid picking up anything.

2. Expensive looking jewelry (a ring, earrings, a stone locket)

This trick is as old as time. On the street, you might hear a well-dressed person calling for you and showing you a beautiful expensive looking ring laying on the ground.

10 Everyday Things That Should Not Be Picked Up From the Ground

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