10 Child Safety Principles Every Parent Needs to Know

Bumps and bruises are an inescapable part of childhood. Yet a light injury is only one step away from a dangerous fracture. To help a child avoid serious injury, parents need to follow some simple rules.

Bright Side prepared 10 principles of child safety to help you protect your baby.

Sleep safety

  • A baby should sleep on their back. Since 1992, when an official recommendation changed from “sleep on the stomach“ to ”sleep on the back,” the mortality rate from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the countries of Western Europe has decreased by 3 times.
  • 10 Child Safety Principles Every Parent Needs to Know
  • Quilted blankets with lace can block the baby’s respiratory tract during sleep. A hard mattress and taut elastic fitted sheets are all you need.
  • can of Coca-Cola should fit between the crib bars. This distance is optimum for a baby not to get stuck between the bars.
  • A sleeping baby should be free from scarves, clothes, hats with ties, bibs, pacifiers, or toys with strings.

Fall and injury prevention

Install in your house certified safety gates. When it comes to staircases, they should be placed both at the top and the bottom.

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