10 Body Features Found in Only 5% of People

We’re all different, and yet a few of us have rare features that occur in only a few percent of people.

Today Bright Side is going to tell you about some of them. Some are just nice physical features, but there are those Superman himself would envy.

Incredibly dense bones

Studying the gene LRP5 (responsible for the mineralization of bones), scientists discovered mutations which cause diseases accompanied by bone fragility.

10 Body Features Found in Only 5% of People

Yet there’s another type of LRP5 mutation: it gives a person super dense bones that are almost impossible to break and skin that’s less prone to aging.

Although it sounds cool, there are drawbacks. When an elderly patient needed a replacement for a worn-out joint, his excessively dense bones didn’t let doctors help him.

Source: yalemedicine.yale.edu

“Golden” blood

It’s not golden in the literal sense, but it has a unique feature: it contains no antigens.

10 Body Features Found in Only 5% of People

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