10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

Myth № 7: Battling cellulite is a never-ending series of massage and body wraps.

Almost all women worry about having “orange peel” skin which allows beauty product manufacturers to earn a lot of money.

10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

But this happens only because very few people actually know anything about creams and how they should be used.

Using anti-cellulite products should be based on the menstrual cycle phases. During the first phase, after the start of the menstruation (12-14 days), you can use products that burn fat. For example, you can do the caffeine wraps or the so-called anti-cellulite massage. And during the second phase (after ovulation), the level of the progesterone hormone increases: it causes water retention and simplifies the synthesis of fats. So during this period, you should use the products that decrease puffiness and do a manual lymphatic drainage.

Myth № 8: We should sleep under a thin blanket because being cold is good for our health.

In fact, it is better to sleep under a heavy blanket. American researchers have even come to the conclusion that a heavier blanket (from 10 to 30 lbs) could help people fall asleep faster.

10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

The reason is that the deep pressure relaxes the body and serotonin and dopamine hormones are produced, just as they are when you get a massage. If you don’t have access to the 10-30 lb blanket, a heavy comforter will also do the trick.

According to some studies, a heavy blanket can decrease the risk of developing depression, help fight insomnia, and is great for people with autism, anxiety, stress, and aggression. However, this popular method also has opponents that doubt the fact that a blanket can treat psychological problems without any additional therapy.