10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

Myth № 3: Sweating should be blocked with antiperspirants.

Sweating helps our bodies to remove toxins and helps us control the temperature of our body — everyone knows this.

10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

But for some reason, the fact that sweating is an important defensive function of the body is often ignored. It is dangerous to limit sweating.

Antiperspirants limit sweating by blocking the sebaceous glands. Obviously, this doesn’t lead to anything good. Our constant usage of antiperspirants leads to big problems with our microbiome. So, it is best if you use these products no more than 2-3 times per week and wash them off before you go to sleep. The best option is to buy non-aggressive deodorants with safe ingredients. For example, the ones made of natural mineral salt that prevent the production of bacteria and the unpleasant smell.

Myth № 4: Asian beauty products are higher quality than European products.

Korean facial creams and Asian beauty products, in general, are extremely popular now.

10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

And they deserve the hype, but there are some other things you should know, according to beauty journalist Yana Zubtsova and cosmetologist Tiyna Orasmäe-Meder, the authors of Beauty Myths. The Truth About Botox, Organic Products, Stem Cells, and Other Things. Yes, these beauty products have good whitening and moisturizing effects, but the products are based on the skin problems of the local women.

For classic European problems, like early wrinkles, acne, and other issues, Korean cosmetics are not any better. Wrinkles and ptosis appear in Korean women later. Also, the climate and the mentality of the countries are different: Asian women, according to the authors, are more systematic when it comes to their skin care routines.